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Are you looking for English Notes for class XI of West Bengal Board? Here this is complete notes of an important chapter of English B. Download the notes of the chapter 'Brotherhood' by Octavio pazpaz. It has been prepared to help you in your exam preparation. It has questions and answers of  1 Mark and 5 Marks. Download the PDF file attached. If you find this helpful please Share with your friends and don't forget to comment below

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Short Answer Type (Mark 1)
 1. Which type of poem is “Brotherhood”?
Ans:- Symbolical poem.
2. Brotherhood was originally written in----
Ans:- Mexican language.
3. “I am a man, little do I last” shows a feeling of –
Ans:- insignificance.
5. Brotherhood is a ______ poem.
Ans:- Lyrical
6. In the poem Brotherhood the night is
Ans:- enormous
7.  In the poem the night symbolise –
Ans:- the vast universe.
8. The stars write –
Ans:- Destiny of man.
9. “Little do I last” – What does it mean?
Ans:- It means that human life is transient (very short period).
10. What does the ‘night’ represent?
Ans:-  The night represents the vast universe.
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Descriptive Answer Type (Marks 5)
1. What is the central idea of the poem ‘Brotherhood’?
Ans:- Brotherhood is a short poem composed by Octavio Paz. The Poem is not about brothers or nationalism. It is about the search of a man’s position in the universe. The poem exposes the insignificance of a human being in relation to the vast universe. The post stands under the night sky and discovers the vastness of the universe around him. The poet feels that there is an everlasting bond between man and universe. Man is very small in comparison to the universe. He has very little
knowledge of the world around him. There is a greater force to which runs all the universe. He is unable to understand that supreme force. He has an ability but he cannot explain it with logic.
The poet understands that his life is predestined. The stars in the sky writes the destiny of a man. The poet finds himself very in significant in compare to the universe. But his place is important like all. Every life has a role to play in the universe. So, the universe would be a different place without one of us.
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