Download Important Madhyamik History Map Pointing for 2016 | Madhyamik History Suggestion 2016

1. On the outline map of lndia supplied, geographical positions of certain places of historical importance are indicated by dot ⊙ marks. Match them with the list given below (any ten) : 10x1=10

(a) ग्वालियर (Gwalior)
(b) चौरी चौरा(Chauri Chaura)
(c) गोवा (Goa)
(d) कालीकट (Calicut)
(e) नागपुर (Nagpur)
(f) हैदराबाद (Hyderabad)
(g) आगरा (Agra)
(h) लाहौर (Lahore)
(i) पूना (Poona)
(j) दिल्ली (Delhi)
(k) कानपुर (Kanpur)
(l) बेसिन (Bassein)
(m) झाँसी (Jhansi)
(n) लखनऊ (Lucknow)
(o) चंदननगर (Chandannagar)
(p) बारासात (Barasat)
(q) बरेली (Bareilly)
(r) श्रीरंगपट्टम .(Shrirangpattam)

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