What are the effects of Green House Gases? Effects of Green House Gases | Graduation and Higher Secondary | Madhyamik

It easily follows that if CO2 concenration increases in our atmosphere,the temperature of the earth's surface will  increase due to greenhouse effect.The increased concentration of CO2 may one day make the average global temperature a bit higher .Alredy some indication are there like:— 
Melting ice-caps
  1. Receding of glaciers and consequent increase in sea level.                                        
  2. The warmer atmosphere may produce more rains .If the rate of increase of production is unchecked there can be severe consequences in future ,like submerging of low lying coastal areas ,increase in the frequency of flood due to heavy rains.
  3. CO2 alone is  responsible for 60% of the global warming .While minor greenhouse gases like CFC (chloro fluro carbon) accounts for 25%.
  4. Depletion of ozone layer which would cause further rise in the temperature of the earth's surface .
  5. In temperate regions ,the winter will be shorter and warmer ,summer will be longer  and hotter.

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