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Are you looking for English Notes for class X of West Bengal Board? Here this is complete notes of an important chapter of Physical Science. Download the notes of the chapter 'Concerns about our Environment' which is Chapter - 1. It has been prepared to help you in your exam preparation. It has questions and answers. Download the PDF file attached. If you find this helpful please Share with your friends and don't forget to comment below


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1. Which layer of the atmosphere contains cloud, rain and snow?

Ans: Troposphere.

2. Which layer of the atmosphere contains most of the mass?

 Ans: Troposphere.

3. In which layer of the atmosphere weather and climatic change takes place?

Ans: Troposphere.

4. In which layer of the atmosphere photochemical smoke forms?

Ans: Troposphere.

 5. Where is the altitude of troposphere maximum?

Ans: At Equator (16 KM).

6. What is the layer between troposphere and stratosphere called?

Ans: Troposphere.

7. Which layer of atmosphere is suitable for Jet plane?

Ans: Stratosphere.

8. Which layer has suitable weather and climatic condition?

Ans: Stratosphere.

9. Which layer contains most of the ozone gas?

Ans: Ozonosphere.

10. Which layer absorbs UV radiation from the Sun?

Ans:  Ozone.

11. Which is the coldest layer of the atmosphere?

Ans: Mesosphere (up to -90 Degree C)

12. In which layer of the atmosphere asteroids are destroyed?

Ans: Mesosphere.

13. Which gas is mostly responsible for ozone depletion?

Ans: CFCs.      

14. Which atom produced from CFC can destroy Ozone molecule?

Ans: Chlorine atom.

15. Which layer of the atmosphere is the hottest?

Ans:  Thermosphere.

16. Which layer of the atmosphere absorbs UV and the X-ray radiation from the Sun?

Ans:  Thermosphere.

17. Which layer of the atmosphere reflects radio waves?

Ans:  Ionosphere.

18. In which layer of the atmosphere molecules are found in ionized state?

Ans:  Ionosphere.

19. In which layer of the atmosphere temperature decreases as we go up? [MP 2017]

Ans: Troposphere.

20. What is the rate of decrease in temperature in troposphere?

Ans:  6.4 Degree Celsius /1000 m or 1 Degree Celsius /165 m.

21. In which layer of the atmosphere temperature increases with altitude?

Ans:  Stratosphere.

22. In which layer of the atmosphere Auroras are seen?

Ans:  Thermosphere.

23. Which oxide of Nitrogen can destroy ozone?

Ans:  NO and NO2.

24. Which oxide of nitrogen is produced by jet engines?

Ans: NO.

25.  Which oxide of Nitrogen produced during lightening?

Ans:  NO.

26. Which is the most important Greenhouse gas?

Ans:  CO2.

27. Name some Greenhouse gases.

Ans: CO2, CH4, CFC, water vapour.   

28. What is the unit of calorific value of fuel? [MP 2019]

Ans:  Kg/J (Kilogram/Joule)

29. Which fuel has the highest calorific value?

Ans:  Hydrogen gas.

30. Which material has lowest calorific value?

Ans:  Solid fuel.

31. Which gas absorbs infra radiation?

Ans:   Methane, water vapour, CO2

32. The minimum amount of energy required to burn fuel is known as –

Ans:  Combustion heat.

33.  Give some examples of alternative source of energy.

Ans:   Solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy.

34. In large cities solid waste are used to produce which kind of energy?

Ans:  Electricity.

35. What is the main constituent of biogas?

Ans:  Methane.

36. Which energy is produced using geothermal energy?

Ans:  Electricity.

37. Natural gas is a mixture of-

Ans:   Methane and Ethane.

38. Give some examples of non-conventional source of energy? 

Ans:  Wind energy, Solar energy, Tidal energy.

39. Write down the formula of Methane hydrate or fire ice?Ans:  4CH4.23H2O.

40. Which greenhouse gas does not deplete ozone layer? [MP 2020]

Ans: CO2.

41. Which fuel gas is harvested from coal-bed? [MP 2020]

Ans: Methane.

42. Name a gas present in air, the increase in amount of which causes global warming. [MP 2020]

Ans: CO2, CH4.

43. Which gas absorbs long wavelength infrared radiation emitted from the earth’s surface? [MP 2019]

Ans: N2

44. Does the temperature increase or decrease with increase in altitude in stratosphere? [MP 2019]

Ans: Increases.

45. Mention one harmful effect of global warming. [MP 2017]

Ans: Receding of glaciers and consequent increase in sea level.

46. Which greenhouse gas has the maximum contribution towards global warming? [MP 2018]

Ans: CO2

47. Mention one use of bio-gas? [MP 2018]

Ans: It is used as fuel.

48. What is the role of NO in the decomposition of ozone layer? [MP 2018]

Ans: Nitric Oxide, NO reacts with ozone to form nitrogen dioxide, NO2 and O2 molecules.


1. Write with reason in which layer among the layers of the atmosphere the pressure is the highest? [MP 2020]

2. What is biomass?

3. What do you mean by sustainable development? [MP 2019]

4. What is Tropopause?

5. What are the characteristics of stratosphere?

6. Write a short note on Ozone layer.

7. Write three characteristics of Thermosphere.

8. What do you mean by Ozone hole?

9. What are the causes of depletion of Ozone layer?

10. What are the harmful effects of depletion of Ozone layer?

11. What are greenhouse gases? Give example.

12. What do you mean by greenhouse effect?

13. What is Global warming?

14. What are the main causes of Global warming?

15. What are the effects of global warming?

16. What preventing measures can be used to reduce global warming or Greenhouse gas?

17. What is conservation of energy?

18. Why energy conservation is necessary?

19. What are the uses of solar energy?

20. How can Wind energy be utilized?

21. Write two disadvantages of using solar energy?

22. How is tidal energy utilized?

23. What do you mean by geothermal energy? How is it used?

24. What do you mean by bio-mass energy?

25. What is bio-gas? What is its use?

26. What is coal-bed Methane?

27. What is methane hydrate? How it is use? [MP 2018]

28. How solid waste can be utilized?

29. What do you mean by calorific value of fuel? Between coal and diesel which gas has greater calorific value? [MP 2017]

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