Simple Interest | साधारण व्याज | WB Class X Math | Mathematics by Vinay Sir | ECC (Hindi)

Mathematics Class by Vinay Sir for the students of Class IX and X.
Video : Mathematics
Topic:  Simple Interest
Year: 2020

1. दो मित्रा एक साथ एक छोटे व्यवसाय को चलाने हेतु 12% वार्षिक सरल व्याज की दर से एक बैंक से 15000 रुपया उधार लिए। 4 वर्ष बाद उन्हे उस रुपये के लिए कितना व्याज देना होगा?
(Two friends together took a loan amount of Rs. 15000 to run a business from a bank at the rate of simple interest of 12% p.a. Calculate the interest they have to pay after 4 years.)
3. 25/3% वार्षिक सरल व्याज दर से 960 रुपया का एक वर्ष 3 माह के लिए मिश्रधन क्या होगा?
(Let us determine the amount (Principal along with Interest) of Rs. 960 at the rate of simple interest of  25/3 %p.a. for 1 year 3 months.)
This video shows solution of two important problems of Simple Interest. It will surely help you to understand and solve all the problems of the chapter.

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