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If you are looking for MADHYAMIK SUGGESTION 2019 of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, then here it is ENGLISH SUGGESTION 2019 (Final Examination)  for the year 2018-2019. It will surely help you to prepare you for  Madhyamik Examination 2019. The suggestion below is the English Suggestion for Madhyamik Exam 2018-19. Download the PDF file attachedIf you find this helpful please Share with your friends and don't forget to comment below
Subject:  English (Second Language)
Category: Suggestion for Final Exam 
Year: 2019

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Madhyamik Examination Suggestion

Category-wise Probable Materials

Reading (Seen)
Scoring 20 Marks
1.       Father’s Help***
2.       Our Runaway Kite**
3.       The Cat*
1.       My Own True Family***
2.       Fable**
3.       The Snail*
Reading (Unseen)
Scoring 20 Marks
News Report from “The Times of India’ and “Telegraph” from January, 2018 to October, 2018.
Some highlighted topics are given below:-
1.       Flood in Kerala (Most Probable)
2.       Rainfall in Chennai / APJ Abdul Kalam and his Life
3.       Nirmal Bangla Mission / Work of young Scientist
4.       Dengue : A brief description / Train accidents / Robberies
5.       Football World Cup in Kolkata 2017
6.       Report on Sportspersons/ Games / Cricket and Bengal
7.       Girls Education / Story of any inspiring woman or girl
8.       Global Warming / Space and India / Mars mission / Environment and its problems
9.       Dry and flood / Award shows / Increasing use of Internet and Computer
10.   Development of Bengal
11.   Kolkata and Durgapooja
Grammar and Vocabulary
Scoring 20 Marks
Articles and Preposition-1 × 4 = 4
Example: At last______ hunters saw the tiger lying dead______ the ground. Its killer was severely wounded too. They had to take him_____ Calcutta______ expert treatment.
Correct form of Verb-1 × 4 = 4
Example:  A motor-cyclist ______ (injured/ was injured/ were injured) when a Tata Sumo _____(hit/ was hit/ was hitting) his motorcycle from behind. He _____ (is rushed/ was rushed/ has been rushed) to a nearby hospital.

Do as directed
Scoring - 1 × 6 = 6
1.       Direct to Indirect speech (e.g.: “What are you doing here”, the giant cried.)
2.       Voice change (e.g.: Let the Police be informed about the accident.)
3.       Transformation of sentences assertive/ negative/ simple/ complex/ compound/ interrogative. (e.g.: Tell me what your name is. (Turn into Simple Sentence)
4.       Degree/ Joining/ nominal/ relative/ adjective. (e.g.: You will be successful in this examination. (Use the verb form of the underlined word)
5.       Correct form of verb/ Use as noun/ adjective. (e.g.: It is not necessary for you to come today. (Rewrite using ‘need’)
Phrasal verb
Scoring - 1 × 3 = 3
Suggestion:- Keep on, Pass away, Bear with, Put away, Make Out, Look Over Call up, Fall out, Put up, Turn away from, Give off, Bring up, Carry out, Up, Bring up, Go up, Put up with, Make of, Call for, make out, Put up, Tell upon, Break out, Come across, Take off , Fall back, Keep away  from, Go on, Keep up, Come of, Turn up, Break off, Call for, Go off, Break out, Keep away, Call in, Break out Go up, Call on, Do away with, Turn up, Lay down, Come out, Run into, Cut down, Come across, Call across, Call off, Hold up, Look for, Go about, Give away, Lay down, Go about, Give away,  Look for, Put out, Fall through, Stand for, Look up, Come by, Run over , Bring up, Call up , Work out, Lay by, Deal in, Call off, Set up, Look into.
Question Number 6 : Synonyms from unseen passage
Scoring - 2 × 4 = 8
Writing Skill
Scoring 30 Marks
For M.P. 2019 Prepare Paragraph Writing, Notice, Letter writing - Official and Personal, Story must.
Paragraph Writing
1.       Tree plantation Programme / Importance of trees
2.       Importance of Cleanliness / Midday meal in Schools
3.       Importance of games and sports in life / APJ Abdul Kalam
4.       The movie you recently watched / The book you recently read
5.       Importance of Education / Value of time
6.       Pollution and Global Warming
7.       Visit to a place / Historical place /  Fair
8.       The value of Morning Walk / Exercise
9.       Memorable day in your life/ My hobby / Aim in life
10.   Your Idol / Person you like the most
Letter Writing
Personal (To your pen-friend or brother)
1.       Reading newspaper daily / Importance of reading books
2.       Use and misuse of mobile / Advice to your friend or brother
3.       A place you visited / your summer vacation / Visit to a place of historical value / Your experience in a cricket match or movie you watched / Your Durgapuja Experience
4.       Road safety  / Early Rising / Smoking is killer / Benefits of morning walk or Exercise
5.       Your Exam Preparation / Your result / Your Birthday Gift
Official (To your Head of Institute & Editor or any other)
1.       Problem of unemployment in India / Price hike of essential commodities
2.       Problems of hospitals/ roads/ water/ electricity etc./ Plastic Bags
3.       Fee concession/ Free books from library/ Leave/ permission to organize an event
4.       Inviting a Celebrity (Singer/film star/ sportsman) or an Important Person to any event
5.       Deforestation/ Problem of cutting-down trees. (Official Less Important)
Notice Writing
1. Fund Raising for Kerala Victims/ School magazine / Trip to a place Digha or Shanti Niketan / Teachers’ Day
2. Lecture on a topic / Drawing Competition / Poem and essay writing / Blood donation camp
3. Competition on Banner making and Slogan making on Topics like Cleanliness/
4. Environment day / Helping flood victims / Eye treatment camp / Lecture of a doctor or professor on a topic
5. Garbage cleaning dive in school or in your locality / Tree plantation / Farewell of a retired Teacher/ A child of your school is missing
Report Writing
1.       Heavy Rain / Robbery/ Football World Cup 2017
2.       Road Accident/ Train Accident/ Metro
3.       Garbage Cleaning Event/ Football Match you watched
4.       Prize distribution in your school/ Annual sports / Camp for Kerala Victims
5.       World Yoga day / Environment day / Earth day
6.       Teachers day celebration/ School Magazine/ Reporting an event in your school
7.       Tree plantation Programme in your school
8.       Blood Donation Camp/ Malaria and Dengue / Free check-up
9.       Prepare Process Writing Also.
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