Category wise Probable Questions
Ø MCQ (For 1 Marks)
Ø Scoring 5 Marks
i) Which organ in cactus is modified into spines?
(a) Stem,          (b) leaf,
(c) Root,          (d) tendril.
ii) The nitrogen base present in DNA but absent from RNA is……
(a) Uracil         (b) Adenine
(c) Thymine     (d) Cytosine
iii) The fungus that reproduces through budding is …………..
a) Yeast,          b) Penicillium,
c) Aspergillus,             d) Puccinia graminis
iv) Where is sclera located?
a) tongue,        b) skin,
c) eye,              d) ear.
v) Which part of the brain performs thermo-regulation?
(a) Cerebrum               (b) Cerebellum

(c) Hypothalamus        (d) Pons
Ø Objective Type (For 1 Marks)
Ø Scoring 10 Marks
(i) Name a sense organ that maintains balance in humans.
(ii) If a hybrid tall pea plant is made to breed with a pure short one, what percentage
of the F1 generation plants will be found to be hybrid tall ?
(iii) Give an example of an animal fossil.
(iv) Name a vestigial organ in man.
(v) Name an organ in the Sundari plant that has undergone adaptive modification.
(vi) Name a unicellular organism that is harmful to humans.
(vii) Write the name of a disease spread through blood beside AIDS.
(viii) Name an alkaloid that is used in treatment of eye diseases.
(xi) Where is urea synthesized in human body?                                                                     
(x) Withdrawal of finger from a hot object is an example of which type of reflex?

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