WBBSE Madhyamik Exam Physical Science sample question paper in English

Time: 1:30 Hr.                   Monthly Class Test (Sept, 2015)                F.M.: 50
                              Physical Science(X)                                   
(Answer question no. 1 and any five questions from Group-B)
1. Answer any ten questions: -1x10=10
1.1 Name an isomer od dimethyl ether?
1.2 Which one is greater among 00C and 00F?
1.3 Find the number of molecules in 1.8 gm of water.
1.4Name the heaviest particle of an atom.
1.5 What is the unit of specific heat?
1.6 What is the value of standard temperature in Absolute Scale?
1.7 How many neutrons are present in 92U235?
1.8 Give an example of three carbon containing hydrocarbon?
1.9 How many oxygen atoms are present in 1 mole of CO2?
1.10 Write general formula of alkene.
1.11 Name an atom which do not have any neutron.  
1.12 Name a biomolecule.
1.13 What is the temperature difference between 30oC and 300K ?
(Answer any five questions): 8X3=24
2.1 What is the difference between heat and temperature?  3
2.2 If the increase in temperature in Fahrenheit scale is 720. What will be the difference in Celsius scale?  2
2.3 What is thermal equivalent? Write SI unit. 2+1

3.1 1H1, 1H2, 1H3what is the relation among them? In the nucleus of which of them there is no neutron?  1+1
3.2 What is absolute zero temperature? What is its value in Celsius Scale?
3.3 What is the value of standard pressure? Why are pressure and temperature to be mentioned when the volume of a definite mass of gas is mentioned?  1+2

4.1 Write down the three postulates of Dalton’s Theory. 3
5.2 Write one similarity and one dissimilarity between solar system and atomic structure. 2
4.3 The volume of a given mass of gas is 300 cm3 at 27oC. What will be its volume if the temperature is lowered to 7oC provided pressure remains unaltered? 3
5.1Why convex lens is called converging lens? How real and magnified image is formed by convex lens? 2+2
5.2 Define optical center of a convex lens. 2
5.3 What is pure and impure spectrum?  2
7.1 Write two differences between Covalent and electrovalent compounds.  2
7.2 Among CaO and H2O, which one is electrovalent and which one is covalent. Write with reasons. ? 2 + 2
7.3 What is covalence?  2
8.1 What happens when ethylene reacts with bromine?   2
8.2 Write two demerits of using polythene.  2
8.3 What is the functional group present in aldehyde? How chloroform is obtained from methane?  1+3

9.1 If two elements A and B have electronic configuration 2,8,7 and 2,8,1. Fill in the gaps. 4
Position in Periodic table
Metal/Non- Metal


9.2 Write Modern Periodic law. How many groups and periods are there in modern periodic table? 2+1
9.3  What is functional group of aldehyde? 1

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