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Madhyamik Exam 2015 Life Science Question Paper WBBSE

2015 LIFE SCIENCE (BIFURCATED SYLLABUS) Time- Three Hours Fifteen Minutes (First fifteen minutes for reading the question paper only) Full Marks-90 (For Regular and Sightless Regular Candidates) Full marks-100 (For External and Sightless External Candidates) FOR REGULAR, EXTERNAL AND SIGHTLESS CANDIDATES Special credit will be given for answers which are brief and to the point. Marks will be deducted for spelling mistakes, untidiness and bad handwriting. [English Version]] (Bifurcated Syllabus) (For Class X Syllabus Only) Directions For Regular Candidates, the questions of Group 'A' , 'B' and 'C' will have to be answered. For External Candidates, the questions of Group 'D' will also have to be answered in addition to group 'A', 'B' and 'C'. Instructions regarding the number of questions to be attempted have been indicated at the beginning of each group. Special Instruction for Sightless Candidates In Group 'C', instead of Question Nos. 12 and 13,…