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Download Madhyamik(WBBSE) 2016 Physical Science Suggestive Question Paper | Madhyamik Physical Science Suggestion 2016 | Hindi + English Version | EdwisE Coaching Classes

[Group ‘A’ is compulsory. Answer ten questions from Groups ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ taking at least two from Group ‘B’ and at least three from each of the Groups ‘C’ and ‘D’.] Group ‘A’ 1.         Give very short answers to any ten questions :1x10=10 1.1       In which part of an atom is a proton located? 1.2       What is the boiling point of water in absolute scale under standard atmospheric pressure? 1.3       How many groups are there in long form of periodic table? 1.4       Write the SI unit of thermal capacity? 1.5       Watt-hour is the SI unit of which physical quantity? 1.6       In what combination is the fuse wire connected to mains? 1.7       Write the chemichal formula of ‘Oleum’ 1.8       Write the name of a pollutant emitted from the goldsmith’s shop. 1.9       Which energy is transformed into which energy in the case of Barlow’s wheel? 1.10     What should be the resistance of an ideal voltmeter? 1.11     Write the CGS unit of resist…